1. Eric


    just to quote @GCRV and @Edward: I don't know about the particular case. There are no backdoors. That is certain or they would have been demonstrated. But there is something to be said about allowing so much vital technology to be reliant on one company. But on the the flip side, there is...
  2. Morgan

    vs Zimbabwe

    I know I mentioned before that I wasn't a fan of Labuschagne. Maybe good in the 5 day game but way too passive for the modern 1 day game let alone, 20-20. The axe has fallen on Marnus Labuschagne ahead of Australia's first match of the home summer, with the gun middle-order batter dumped for...
  3. GCRV

    Politics, Militarism and War

    @RedVHeartbeat I didn't think I was "a critic". Is anything I said false? If so, what? I have no idea about what he said about Australian troops. I know he is considered a crazed, ultra-authoritarian, war monger by both ends of the political spectrum in USA. I know he was summarily dismissed...