nrl 2024

  1. Morgan

    Other Clubs in 2024

    The intense three-way battle for Penrith and NSW star Jarome Luai is becoming clearer with Canterbury emerging as favourites to secure the off-contract Panther. The Bulldogs dropped out of the race for Fonua-Blake on Tuesday. However, they remain intent on securing Luai and appear prepared to...
  2. Morgan

    2024 Round 1 Team

    What I hope for: Sloan (after a baking and warning from Flanno that if he doesn't get more involved consistently and doesn't tackle much better, he might as well pack his bags.) Rava Lomax (vc) Tamale Finau Amone Herring or King-Togia Lawrie Liddle Couchman Su'a Suli JDB (c) Couchman Coric...