1. GCRV

    Round 3, St George Illawarra vs Cronulla

    A win this week might be very good in the context of the season with a few back from injury next week.
  2. Eric

    Referee Controversy

    Teams fume over referee inconsistencies, Jaydn Su’A sin-binning When it comes to 50-50 calls, it seems the NRL strugglers never get the rub of the green. No wonder battling NRL clubs don’t think they get a fair go. A week after coach of Gold Coast, Justin Holbrook took aim at the NRL for the...
  3. Eric

    Other clubs in 2022

    Buzz: Trent Barrett at threat of being NRL first coach sacked in 2022 Speculation around Trent Barrett’s future won’t go away. A horrific draw to start the season won’t help, but the concerns go deeper. Trent Barrett’s teams have run 15th and 16th in his last two years of NRL coaching. That...
  4. Eric

    Rugby Union; Picking at the bones

    Failed World Cup bid would put rugby in peril The future of rugby in Australia is in peril should the World Cup bid fail as doubts grow over whether the federal government will provide funding for the tournament. If Australia, who are currently World Rugby’s “preferred candidate” for 2027, lose...