I think you are right but I'm not sure if he's so highly vaunted anymore. How much would it cost to pay out 4 years of his contract??? Other clubs make a noise about how bad it is when they have to pay out coaches for 1 to 2 years and not particularly highly paid. Grubs won a bidding war for Ciraldo. And I wonder if any of those ex-Penrith players have get out clauses in their contract regarding Ciraldo being the head coach?
I believe the initial contract was around $4m for 5 yrs, so $800k a year but don't know if that was actually disclosed. We were not willing to let Griffin go on $450k. So there is not a chance of Ciraldo being booted unless of course written into his contract are certain goals that need to be met such as by 2nd year they make the top 8 as an example.