Round 9 v Melbourne


Well I said if we continue to miss 50 tackles a game we would get carved up. AND we missed 50 tackles, we completed 73% of our sets, Melbourne in contrast missed only 19 and completed at 90%. McGuire was the only forward to run over 100m, every single storm forward ran over 100m even their bench forwards. I said we had to shut Grant down well we didnt he ran for 168m seriously most runs from dummy half. McCullough ran for 24m. You simply cannot compete against any team let alone one of the best with those stats. McCullough was averaging about 48 tackles in 2021 down to 35 this season that's 30% less. Hunt 10 Bird 9 topped the missed tackles count and its progressively getting worse as the season goes on. We have to improve on the basics before we will be considered a competitive top 8 team and unfortunately at the moment based on that performance we are simply failing the basic fundamentals of the game.