Final Round: SGI vs Newcastle Knights


SGI Jersey Flegg
We are a Looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg way from being a top 4 team old mate , but all I want at the moment and next year is to be competitive , and slowly start the climb to the top ........ The board and all the old ex players that are at the club and not in any coaching roll need to stay out of it and let the coaching staff do their stuff ........
I would consider more wins than losses a good result for 2024. We have only achieved this three times since 2010 (17/7, 1st), 2011 (14/9, 5th) & 2018 (15/9, 7th). We finished 12/12 in 2015 (8th), 2017 (9th) and 2022 (10th).


SGI Jersey Flegg
Dragons by 8
MoM de Belin
First try de Belin
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Chris M

Really seems like our blokes have to "jump" off the tackled player as fast as possible. While they can lay all over our tackled players as they like without any fear of "6 again".