Round 18: St George Illawarra Dragons vs Cronulla


We sure picked the short straw having to face the Sharks the week Nicho Hynes was dumped from the Blues as he took it out on us.. he and his halves mate Moylan with 7 try assists between them. It is imperative the Dragons find two quality halves going forward.
I think at least 4 or those try assists were due to them simply passing to their speedy, or relatively speeds outside backs who simply ran around our laughably slow outside backs.


  1. Tyrell Sloan 3/10 Scored a good try. Cost us a few tries. A typical game.
  2. Tautau Moga 3/10 too slow
  3. Mathew Feagai 4/10 better centre than winger
  4. Zac Lomax 5/10 tried hard.
  5. Mikaele Ravalawa 4/10 too slow for a winger
  6. Jayden Sullivan 4/10 would be nice if he was playing behind a decent pack.
  7. Ben Hunt 2/10 Probably worst on the field.
  8. Francis Molo 5/10 Was ok in the first half.
  9. Jacob Liddle 4/10 No impact
  10. Blake Lawrie 5/10 As for Molo
  11. Ben Murdoch-Masila 4/10 keeps getting picked for some reason.
  12. Jaydn Su’A 6/10 Tried hard.
  13. Jack de Belin 6/10 Never has a bad game but this wasn't one if his better games.

  14. Moses Mbye 5/10 Was ok I guess.
  15. Michael Molo 5/10 ok
  16. Toby Couchman 6/10 Needs to stay on longer.
  17. Jaiyden Hunt 5/10 Wasn't the worst forward.