I know, Savelio Tamale and Haele Finau are powerful ball runners but I'm a little worried about the continued lack of speed. It seems to be neither are really quick. Probably faster than Suli and Feagai but it would still be a really slow backline.


Jersey Flegg
  1. Treigh Stewart
  2. Alexander Lobb
  3. Savelio Tamale
  4. Max Feagai
  5. Sione Finau
  6. Paul Turner
  7. Zach Herring
  8. Jaiyden Hunt
  9. Haele Finau
  10. Nick Lui-Toso
  11. Jackson Shereb
  12. Ryan Couchman
  13. Alec Tuitavake

  14. Declan Purcell
  15. Nicholas Tsougranis
  16. Jett Liu
  17. Hamish Stewart
  1. Benjamin Rumble
  2. Te Umuariki Heremia-Tukere
  3. Ben Johnson
  4. Campbell Watchirs
  5. Wesley Pring
  6. Lyhkan King-Togia
  7. Ashton Ward
  8. Bryce Magnone
  9. Kyan Hjaltason
  10. Loko Jnr Pasifiki Tonga
  11. Phoenix Vetenibua-Finnerty
  12. Harry Rudd
  13. Travis Barrett-Hancock

  14. Nicholas Quinn
  15. Callum Leikvoll
  16. Thomas Phillips
  17. Jacob Webster
  • Apart from #8 and #10 but including the bench, that's a very young forward pack.
  • Isn't #16 an outside back? He's been in a steep upward march through the grades.
  • This young team just keeps getting better at the business end of the season. Last year's team, very few of who are left in the team, was strong all year but got the wobbles badly in the finals. Lets hope for the opposite in this team.
  • Declan Purcell's been promoted.


  • Nicholas Quinn
  • Callum Leikvoll
  • Thomas Phillips
  • Jacob Webster
Nick Quinn gets a start.

Eagles have lost 11 games to our 9 and are 4 points behind us on the ladder so an upset is unlikely but we cant afford to take em too easily.
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Don't panic these kids have to learn to win getting closer to semi time they should come good in the 2nd half, character building
I think Declan Purcell at hooker is really important for this team. At the start of the year when he was playing lock, they were really poor. And without him today, they were poor again.